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Why #Pride (including #BelfastPride) is not Mine

Pride celebrations have begun in the township I live in, Belfast, a place where a brand of ignorant homophobia pervades the largest local political party. In a deeply divided society with enduring scars of conflict, sectarian division and antagonism, there … Continue reading

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On the importance of Trans-Inclusivity in reproductive justice campaigns

  As the media zooms in on ‘trans visibility’, trans issues and trans people are discussed in the public domain more openly than ever. The so-called transgender ‘tipping point’ and the media’s zooming in on trans celebrities conceals major challenges … Continue reading

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Time for UK Labour to stand in Northern Ireland?

This note concerns a recent tweet by twitter user, who noted that during the 2015 UK Labour leadership election, the Labour Party in Northern Ireland (LPNI) supported Andy Burnham, whereas Sinn Féin supported Jeremy Corbyn. This statement implies that Jeremy … Continue reading

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Reproductive justice: Achilles’ heel of Ireland, North and South

As the Irish general election approaches, one of the most conflicting issues that politicians often try to avoid discussing is that of reproductive justice, reductively referred to as ‘abortion’. Despite recent advancements in progressive legislation, such as marriage equality and … Continue reading

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