The Intersectionality of Oppression for a Black B*tch in Academia

OK so check it, I have a lot of things going for me. I am young, my melanin is poppin’, I’m a smarty-pants and I am fine as f*ck. Unfortunately however, these same attributes have also been made out to be socially constructed deficits that have caused for many unwarranted bouts with oppression. In my normal daily encounters, it is not uncommon to face microaggressions, sexism, ageism and a little bit of good ol’ fashioned racism sprinkled in here and there as well. From the ignorant comments I receive from people asking if I’m mixed because my hair is so cool, employers positioning me in the front of events to greet potential donors with my womanly charms, or comments implying I’m pushing the limit on time to settle down and get married because of my age, I’m constantly ducking and dodging attacks on the demographics my body was born into.

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