Jeremy has finally taken the right decision, to sack Hillary Benn. Benn has been very much against the party leadership, and has clearly shown his utter disregard to the preference of the large majority of party members. Secondly, and perhaps more importantly, he and other Blairites in the PLP are so engrossed in their right-wing fantasies that they simply don’t notice the elephant in the room – that ‘austerity-lite’ policies do not work. Since Jeremy entered the leadership campaign, they have been setting goals that, according to them, Jeremy could not achieve. Every time Jeremy proved them wrong, they have been moving the goal post, on to another challenge, and then to another. The behaviour of Blairite MPs in the PLP is like primary school kids fighting in the playground. Their immaturity is sickening. They do not respect any of the core values of #UKLabour, have no regard to popular movements managed by working class people, LGBTQI folk, people of colour, differently-abled people and other marginalised people who the media and the political right summarily ignore. The Labour Party is a people’s movement, and the biggest misfortune that befell the party was the dominant position of what we know as New Labour, which is essentially a Tory-lite policy agenda. The past couple of years have amply shown that this no longer works. People are calling for a real alternative, not the same programme as the Conservatives. It is very important for UK Labour to take a clear Left-wing stand, and call out the likes of UKIP that are recklessly exploiting discontent in the most under-privileged parts of the country (especially in England). It is very important to emphasise that UKIP is all but a more hardline and extremist version of the Tories – more than half of its rank-and-file is composed of Tory Party defectors, and they have absolutely no regard whatsoever for the concerns of people outside the wealthy English elite.

This is where Jeremy Corbyn comes in, as the one and only choice, the best available choice. It is Jeremy and Jeremy alone (together with John McDonnell and other progressive, genuinely left-wing politicians in UK Labour) who can drive the party to an electoral victory, and also work towards combatting the growing climate of hatred and xenophobia. This is why we all need to #standwithCorbyn and force UK Labour to #KeepCorbyn in the party leadership. At the next general election (whenever it is to be held), those Blairite bonkers who are against Jeremy need to be voted out, and Labour Party members in the constituencies of those MPs should strongly take stock of that vital necessity.

#KeepCorbyn #OurCorbyn #JeremyCorbyn4PM

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