Featured Voices: Imperfect Freedom

Very important and comprehensive article that addresses how visibility and the process of self-affirmation, or, transition, does not always render life easier for trans people, especially for trans women, and even more crucially for trans women of colour. This is one of the most comprehensive pieces I have read on the intersectionalities of visibility, transitioning, self-affirmation, social stigma and resilience.


Top surgery can signify freedom, but does this freedom come at a price? For this month’s Featured VoicesDevin explores what freedom means for our trans sisters in the wake of increased visibility as well as violence. 

Imperfect Freedom

What is top surgery?

A rite a passage?


A weight lifted off your chest?

For trans-masculine folks, the answer varies. Since my top surgery in February 2013, I’ve associated this process with freedom. I’ve had the freedom to navigate the world openly as a trans person. I haven’t lost a significant amount of friends because of my surgery. While my mother was initially upset, she continues to love me as her child. Likewise, my brother loves me as I am. Many family members congratulate me on a regular basis. I haven’t felt ashamed of who I am, how I identify, or the process I’ve taken to get here. I haven’t had to go…

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