Reproductive rights and trans rights: deeply interconnected yet too often misunderstood?

When the issue of reproductive justice is raised, many people tend to focus exclusively on cisgender women. It is of vital importance to extend reproductive justice-related activism and discourses to include trans/genderqeer/nonbinary and other gender-plural people, which also involves using gender-inclusive language.[*] Over the last few years, trans activists have increasingly sought to highlight the salient reality that reproductive justice acutely concerns trans people, but more work is required to make reproductive justice-related debates and campaigns more trans-inclusive. The New York Abortion Access Fund (NYAAF), for example, has taken steps to alter its core documentation (including its mission statement) and make services more gender inclusive. When trans people are brought to deal with issues of reproductive justice, they are forced to face a redoubled doze of discrimination, uptight patriarchal attitudes, healthcare provision-related complications and social stigma — to name but a few.

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