Zella Ziona (1994-2015)

Zella Ziona (Source: Twitter)

Zella Ziona (Source: Twitter)

Zella Ziona is the latest Transgender woman of colour to be murdered in the United States.   As usual, reporting on her murder involves occasional misgendering, and disregard for her identity. These crimes are closely linked with a brutal history of race-based violence, downgrading and discrimination. The days of lynching and other types of violence inflicted upon people of colour, especially upon African Americans. The authorities, as usual, appear to be very reluctant to take short, medium and long-term measures to address the issue of gender and race-based violence against Transgender people of colour. Human rights discourses are used when they are advantageous for power/electoral politics, not when such protections are urgently required.

#Restinpower, #sayhername

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    Another tragedy and a sad reminder that we have a long way to go to achieve full acceptance of those disenfranchised from mainstream American life.

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