pseudo LGBTQI rights?

The video of Jennicet Gutiérrez, a founding member of FAMILIA TQLM (Twitter:, an organization that campaigns for the rights of Transgender people, and also of the #not1more campaign, who raises the case of undocumented Transgender immigrants at the White House pride reception is going viral. As many observers have already highlighted in many places, this act of protest is important, because

a). it serves to highlight an area of LGBTQ-I rights that is summarily overlooked

b). this act of protest (and especially the reaction of the world’s most powerful man, in front of a thousand cameras) is extremely suggestive of how the so-called ‘progressive’, LGBTQ-I-friendly, diversity-friendly segment of the political establishment ‘really’ perceives LGBTQI rights. It shows that there is indeed a clear ‘stratification’ of levels of rights, and some LGBTQI people may enjoy more rights than others, and that the establishment does not mind blatantly discriminating against others (and very boldly, denying such discrimination in public).

This is but a random example of how the entire ‘pride month’ and movements such as #itgetsbetter are ridden with inconsistencies. It is also an example of how power-wielders ‘use’ LGBTQI rights not with the welfare of LGBTQI people as their central objective, but with a shrewd and cautiously defined political agenda in mind. This is why one should never take the popular argument that LGBTQI rights are respected in Western societies (as opposed to the lack of such rights elsewhere) at face value. To the discerning analyst of world affairs, it is a clear reality that a movement of the magnitude of ISIS would not come to being in the Middle East without the express support of the U.S. defense and strategic establishment – and despite monumental efforts to distort basic political realities, some analysts have clearly outlined how the same establishment that celebrates LGBTQI pride (or, to be more precise, a more colloquial ‘gay’ pride, with a reduced level in meaning, depth and connotation) at the official residence of the Executive, has helped breed, on the other side of the planet where its interests are at stake, a terrorist outfit that outrageously murders non-heterosexual people. In return such murders further help the Western (especially U.S.) establishment, to show how progressive and tolerant it is, as opposed to the absolute monstrosity of its erstwhile ‘Islamist’ enemy.

There is a concerted need for individuals and groups to raise critical perspectives on ‘pride’ and the popular ways in which it is celebrated, to ask crucial questions about ‘what pride’ and ‘whose pride’, and most importantly, raising issues pertaining to the masses whose pride and dignity are blatantly denied by powerhouses with pseud0-progressive agendas that otherwise present themselves as praiseworthy advocates of ‘gay rights’…

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