This Reconciliation is for the Colonizer

This is what pure wisdom and straightforward thinking look like. This post says all that needs to be said re the ongoing talk on ‘reconciliation’ in the northerly territories of Turtle Island. Settle people, especially white settler people, ought to seriously listen to and take stock of this invaluable wisdom. #NoIWontJustMoveOn

indigenous motherhood

This reconciliation is for the colonizer.

This settler-colonial reconciliation branded by the government is artificially sweetened with handshake photo-ops and small pockets of money buying out silence on real issues.

The fad and conversation of reconciliation that our people are playing a role in is immobilizing “leadership” and converting indigenous peoples into colonially operated marionettes.

This type of reconciliation is a distraction.

Instead of being idle no more, we are “reconciling some more” with present day Indian act agents whose hands are choking out our voices for land, water, and our children’s minds.

This type of reconciliation is for the ones who want to be “friends” with the Indians for land commodification reasoning, for the ones who whisper the words “im sorry” as they watched the priests and nuns rape our children, for the ones who shut their eyes and turned away when genocide was bleeding into their forts, for…

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An Open letter to MPs on the UK Gender Recognition Act

Growing Up Transgender

Dear MP,

As a parent of a transgender child I wanted to write to you ahead of the upcoming review of the Gender Recognition Act, to emphasise the importance of care and respect in any debate on this topic.

As you will be aware, the 2010 Equality Act already provides legal protection for girls like my daughter. My transgender daughter already uses girls’ changing rooms, girls’ bathrooms, attends school as a girl, attends the girls only Girl Guides, plays for her girls’ football team. She is accepted and seen by everyone in her life as a girl. She faces the same discrimination and sexism as other girls, in addition to the discrimination and hate she encounters for being transgender.

As a concerned parent of a transgender daughter, I want safety and protection for all women and girls (including for my daughter). Yet I am aware that there are a small…

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Transgenre, attaqué et blessé à Bukavu, Congo, reste isolé

Pathétique. Ce traitement inhumain par les autorités, envers leurs propres concitoyen.nnes, est tout simplement honteux. Du pouvoir, de l’énergie, et des ressources à ces jeunes activistes! Je partage l’article, en toute solidarité. Chamindra.

76 Crimes en français

Live Consolé Bahati à l'hôpital en 2016 (Photo d'ALCIS, publiée avec l'autorisation de M. Bahati) Live Consolé Bahati à l’hôpital en 2016 (Photo d’ALCIS, publiée avec l’autorisation de M. Bahati)

Un jeune militant transgenre — attaqué, blessé et conduit à l’hôpital en 2016 dans la province du Sud-Kivu en la République démocratique du Congo — maintenant a besoin de manière urgente d’une relocalisation temporaire pour sa securité, rapporte ALCIS, l’association Action pour la lutte contre l’injustice sociale.

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Cameroun: Un petit auditoire, un film LGBT important

76 Crimes en français

Carnaval dans le film "Tchinda" Carnaval dans le film “Tchinda”

Par Erin Royal Brokovitch

Samedi 22 Juillet 2016, était projeté à la salle de cinéma Canal Olympia de Bessengué à Douala le film “Tchindas” dans le cadre du festival Ecrans noirs. Une grande première dans une salle de cinéma mais qui n’a pas vu la mobilisation du public, notamment la communauté LGBT de cette ville.

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Xhercis Méndez: On diversifying Philosophy and decolonizing Feminism

Source: Xhercis Méndez: On diversifying Philosophy and decolonizing Feminism

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